Order Repeat Scripts

Please be advised that the standard processing time for prescription requests is 72 hours and incurs a fee of $22.00.


If you require an urgent script sooner than this the charge will be $37

To avoid this urgent fee please request your new prescription at least 72 hours before you will run out of your current supply.

Repeat prescriptions for some regular medications may be obtained without making an appointment at Marshlands Family Health Centre. This service is at  your doctor’s discretion so please discuss email scripts at your next appointment.

We do not usually provide repeats if you were not seen for your last prescription or your medication was changed at your last visit. An appointment is always needed for certain medications .


We will contact you by phone if an appointment with your doctor is needed  or if we require any further information to issue the prescription. If we do not contact you within 72 hours the prescription will be ready. (There will be a delay over weekends and public holidays). 

You can request your repeat prescription by using the form below or by leaving a message on the answer phone.

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