Enrolled Patient fees


Doctor Consultations

The table of fees shows our standard GP consultation fee for enrolled patients in the different age groups subsidised by the Government.

0-12 years                   Free

13-17 years                 $28.40

18-24 years                 $38.50

25-65 years                 $45.60

65+ years                    $45.60

Please note patients not enrolled at Marshlands Family Health Centre will pay a higher consultation fee.

Effective from 9th October 2017

Enrolment is where you choose to make us your regular doctor. We arrange for your medical notes to be transferred from your previous doctor, along with the local health authority (PHO) funding. This means you can then get the subsidized consultation fees. Not everyone is eligible for enrolment. The Ministry of Health website has a guide to eligibility criteria (www.moh.govt.nz/eligibility). The eligibility of non-New Zealand residents for publicly funded health care depends on their work visa status.

There may be additional charges for longer consultations or additional services provided (for example a smear test). Please ask reception or your Doctor for clarification if you are unsure of fees to be charged.

Nursing Services

There is a charge for all consultations and procedures with a nurse.  The consultation fee ranges from $10-$30 for enrolled patients (depending on length of consultation).

Cervical smear                         $25.00

Nurses Consultation               $20.00

Dressing fee (non ACC)          $20.00 (includes dressings)

ECG                                            $20.00

Pregnancy Test                        $15.00

B12 Injection/Depo                $15.00

Liquid Nitrogen                       from $10

Tetanus Injection                    $10.00

Blood Pressure consult          $10.00

Blood test                                  $10.00

Travel Vaccinations                price on application

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • credit card (Visa, Mastercard)