Travel Vaccinations

We have many enquiries regarding travel vaccinations and travel health in general. Because the level of information and care required varies widely, and to try and meet everyone’s needs, we have two options available:

  1. Full travel consult – This consists of a 30 minute consultation with the doctor and nurse and covers advice on medication/s required for travelling, general health measures pertinent to your trip and the ordering of required vaccines. Once vaccines are received (normally 3 working days) we will contact you and arrange a time to come for your vaccination/s. Cost is $65.00 plus vaccines.
  2. Specific vaccinations – Some people have already had recent travel and only require a vaccination booster. This can be arranged directly with our nurses – the vaccine will be ordered in advance and administered at your appointment. Cost is $20.00 plus vaccines.

It is advised that travel vaccinations are administered 4 – 6 weeks prior to travel.