Measles Update

CDHB have advised that there have been no new measles cases in Canterbury since March 30th and the outbreak is expected to be declared over on Thursday 16th May if no new cases are identified.

As such we have been advised by CDHB to revert to the national direction around MMR, which is:

  • to continue with the routine immunisation programme for children aged 15 months and 4 years as per the immunisation schedule
  • children and adults (up to age 50) who have never been vaccinated

Please note – CDHB advises that people aged over 50 have almost universally been exposed to ‘wild measles’ and are considered to be immune,  therefore not requiring a vaccine.

For all those who had asked to be phoned back when we are able to give second MMR vaccines (outside of the immunisation schedule) – we are sorry but due to cases now being identified in other parts of New Zealand we are currently unable to offer a second MMR vaccine at this time.