Heart Health Checks

Marshlands Family Health is pleased to announce a new initiative focusing on preventative health.

We have established a Heart Health clinic to assist patients with their cardiovascular health and heart health.  In consultation with a Nurse, you will be provided with information and education to improve your health outcomes.

The Heart Heath Clinic involves a half hour, one on one appointment with a Nurse with blood tests prior to your appointment.  During your appointment the Nurse will conduct blood pressure checks, identify and calculate your risk of heart attack and/or stroke and provide you with education based on these.  In collaboration with the Nurse you/we will identify and create goals to help you improve your health.

The cost of this appointment is $50 and includes all prior blood tests, a follow up blood pressure check and any prescription cost should medication be recommended.  If you ‘d like to discuss further or book in for a Heart Health Check please call us on 385 3114.