COVID-19 Level 1 update

We are pleased to continue offering full patient care as we have throughout all alert levels.

Waiting room – our waiting room is now open and you are welcome to wait for your appointment inside if you wish. You are also welcome to wait in your car if you are more comfortable doing that.  Make sure you phone us to let us know you have arrived (03) 385 3114.

However, if you have any of the following symptoms, we ask that you wait in your car and phone us to let us know you have arrived.  We have numbered parks along the fence so let us know what number you are in if you are parked there.

    • a cough
    • a high temperature of at least 38°C
    • shortness of breath
    • sore throat
    • sneezing and runny nose
    • temporary loss of smell


COVID-19 testing – tests for COVID-19 are free for patients presenting any of the symptoms outlined above.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and think you may need a COVID-19 test please phone us on (03) 385 3114

Online Appointments – appointments are able to be booked online again.  You will notice that we have added two screening questions.  If you have any of the above symptoms or recent contact with a confirmed or possible COVID-19 case you will prevented from booking online and will need to phone us for an appointment (03) 385 3114.

Wi-Fi – we now have patient Wi-Fi available with sign in details posted in our waiting room. We hope that you enjoy this new service as you wait for your appointment.  If you are using the Wi-Fi, we ask that you be respectful of other patients and use headphones if required.