COVID-19 Information

Information for Patients regarding Covid-19 measures at Marshlands Family Health Centre

Updated 15/3/20

In light of the recent developments regarding the Covid-19 virus spread around the world we are looking to prepare ourselves to be as ready as possible for the potential effect it could have in New Zealand and on the health care system. Our priority is the well being of our patients and staff and since this is an unprecedented event we will be modifying ‘practice as usual’ to minimise risk of spread and enhance well being of everyone at the practice.
These measures may be adapted and modified as events develop.

Please read and follow the guidance offered below.

  1. If you have any viral symptoms (cough, mild fever, mild sore throat, runny nose) with history of international travel or otherwise, but are not unwell (unwell= high fever, breathlessness, chest pain, unable to hydrate yourself) please self isolate at home until you feel well again, keep hydrated, self care with panadol/viral remedies, but do not come to the practice if it can be avoided, as whether you have Covid-19 virus or not, the advice will be the same unless there is concern about the severity of the illness. If you are unsure please call to discuss. Phone number: 03 3853114
  2. If you feel unwell ( see above) or aren’t sure if you need to be seen please ring the practice, alert them to your symptoms and we can discuss the appropriate action required.
  3. If you are coming for an appointment at the practice and have any cold/flu symptoms (regardless of whether this is why you are coming in) please stay in your car, contact reception by phone to let them know you are here and someone will come and get you from your car when your appointment is ready.
  4. We do not offer walk in appointments routinely. Please call us if possible
  5. If you are well, you are also welcome to wait for your appointment in your car if you don’t feel comfortable in our waiting room. Please call reception to let us know when you have arrived
  6. Repeat prescriptions: We usually recommend that if someone has a stable condition they can get every alternate prescription without seeing the doctor. Over the next few months it may be more appropriate to extend this policy further in certain cases, so please request a repeat prescription if you are otherwise well to avoid you having to come into the medical centre. We will then let you know if you are required to come in or have a phone consultation.
    1. We are encouraging patients to request their prescriptions be faxed directly to their pharmacy rather than coming in to collect from reception. We do not charge extra for this service (though some pharmacies may).
  7. Phone consultations: We will be offering phone consultations for a number of situations to allow patients to get the care they need without increasing their potential exposure to other sick patients. Please see below for a list of potential phone consultations although this list isn’t complete so if you feel your problem could be dealt with by phone please contact reception and request a phone consultation. All phone consultations appointments will have to be made via reception and are at a reduced cost to practice consultations.
  8. Please do not be offended if we ask you to wear a mask, or wait in your car or approach you with full protective gear. We are trying to minimise the risk for everyone; you, other patients and our staff.
  9. All magazines and toys have been removed due to infection transmission risk. We would encourage parents to bring their own toys for their children
  10. List of possible conditions that would suit a phone consultation (if required after a phone consultation we may still ask you to come in)
    1. Medical certificates
    2. Mental health review consultations
    3. Some routine prescriptions / repeats
    4. Possible bladder infection (Pain passing urine in women <65 years for less than one week, feeling well)

An excellent resource for up to date accurate information on everything you need to know about the Covid 19 virus, including healthline numbers, is available on the Ministry of Health website at

Thank you for your patience, we will update our information as the situation requires.