2013 Update

We hope you have had an enjoyable Christmas and holiday break, what great weather we had and continue to do so.Dr Julie Gilmore is back from her maternity leave, it is wonderful to have her back.

Julie is working all day Tuesday and  Wednesday and Friday mornings. Dr Liz Johnson is available all day Monday, Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday. Catherine Cooper and Doug Goss continue to have appointments times every day. Dr Collins has left the practice and you may want to enroll here with one of the other Doctors, please call reception to let us know which Doctor you would like to see.

Some good news on the bus service, the 146 bus now comes down Gayhurst Rd, from Palms area, to the roundabout at McBratneys Rd. This is definite progress for the local area.

We are still waiting on a decision on our building but we will certainly keep you informed as soon as we know some details.